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Hong Kong Girl by GK2000
Hong Kong Girl
Piece I painted during my Hong Kong visit last year. Shout out to the Print House and HKwalls folks for helping me find places to paint out there :D

shutter size: unknown
materials used: various aerosol based spray paint and paint markers
stencil layers created: 8

model: Hain Li
original photograph: Overgroun
Freiden's Superrete by GK2000
Freiden's Superrete
Public mural I painted in back in downtown Omaha last year. Created in collaboration with Kelly Lai and Overgroun, who are both based out of Hong Kong.

canvas size: unknown, roughly about 10 feet
materials used: various aerosol based spray paint and paint markers
stencil layers created: 20

model: Kelly Lai
photographer: Overgroun
RAL86 by GK2000
What's up y'all. Just stopping through to see how things are on deviantART. It's been a minute.

Me? I'm doing alright. Still painting and sketching, but instead of spending time here, I've been working on some local stuff. Here's a self portrait I did recently. The first one I've done in over a decade. haha

I'll upload the rest of my other works here soon, but this'll do for now. If you can't wait that long, visit to see what I've been up to.


Aerosol, Wheat Paste, Paint Markers on canvas.
Canvas size- 24 x 36 inches
I'm starting a rather small but ongoing fundraiser to help pay for supplies used in my art projects, and until recently, all I've been doing is plastering this all over my Facebook Page.

Now that I'm (almost) back on deviantART, I'd like to share that love with you all as well. Here are the specifics;

I'm currently selling small prints of a few recent pieces at an approximate size of 5 x 7 inches in diameter (square pieces will be approximately 6 inches, other sizes may vary). These prints will be at 15 bucks a piece, and, as of now, will be in limited quantities. The quality of these prints will be presented in lovely Giclee glory and will be fitted on matte paper, so if you get one, make sure to treat it nice :)

I'll be putting together print variants of my other works also, along with varying sizes and whatnot, so please keep your eyes peeled! Also, be sure to hit up my Instagram and Tumblr pages if you want more up to date posts on my upcoming projects. The funds, like I mentioned before, will primarily be used for supplies regarding paints, canvases, etc...but every so often I might have a flat tire emergency, so you might be helping with that from time to time.

Thanks for your time folks!

-Reggie L.


Reggie LeFlore
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Stencilist/Cartoonist/Graphic Designer based out of the Omaha, NE area.

My beginnings as an artist started off in a rather curious manner, which can be best described with the following words "HOW THE HECK DID THEY DO THAT?". This question goes through my mind every time I watch a movie with awesome special effects, or anytime I read something that can cleverly put together crazy plot twists, etc...

I wanted to learn how to draw, and so I did everything an 8 year old could possibly do in this city in order to make this happen. The culture surrounding video games, cartoons and comics were the big influences of my childhood that sparked the many different interests seen in my work (i.e. fan art), but unfortunately, my skill set didn't really branch out to anything further than using mechanical pencils and printer paper (I didn't attend any special schools or workshops that taught kids anything). After growing up a bit, I noticed how expansive my work could be; expansive in the sense of being able to use numerous mediums (such as using image editing software to create vectors/vexels, dabbling with stencil work, translating my sketches to polished, digital cartoons, etc.) to express creativity, while working on ways to adapt to the changes of media arts in the 21st century.

and so, I've been taking in as many different avenues I can in order to get my creative juices flowing. I continue to embrace the influences of my surroundings in an attempt to finding concepts and techniques that suit my tastes, but I'm also trying to find the happy medium within myself that will separate me, as an individual, from the others.

And that's me in a nutshell. If you're interested in checking out any more of this lovely tale of mine, feel free to visit the following social network handles (updated regularly):


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